Omega VRT450HD Vertical Slow Juicer in Red

Omega VRT450HD Vertical Slow Juicer in Red

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Create juice for your whole family in minutes, the simple design of the VRT 452 means that processing juice is a breeze. Just like other Omega juicers, the VRT 452 operates at 70 rotations per minute, making it a great juicer to get the maximum yield out of soft and hard produce. You can also create smoothies and sorbets with the additional attachments that come with the VRT 452.

Juicer Features

  • Heavy-duty GE Ultem augur that rotates at 70RPM
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Low speed minimizes heat build-up and oxidation
  • Quiet operation
  • Accessories included: Homeginising attachment, a 2nd pusher, coarse screen, cleaning brush, a recipe juice book, sieve, pulp and juice collector. 
  • Built-in handle
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Juice flap prevents drips and helps the mixing of juice and making nut milk
  • Silicone blades help to mix the juice and keep the juicing screen clean
  • Powerful motor generates more torque to process tough ingredients


Having strong durable parts makes juicing that little bit easier and Omega has not disappointed in terms of high-quality parts. Using an automatic wiping system whilst juicing enables the screen to be free of pulp. As seen in most Hurom vertical models, this easy clearing system allows far more juice to be extracted and also makes it easy to clean the screen. The augur in the VRT452 is super strong as it’s made from GE-Ultem which is recognised as being 8 times stronger than standard plastics. Having a juice flap makes it possible to mix your juice prior to serving it as well as getting rid of foam, drips and spillages onto the kitchen surface.

Homogenising Attachment

The coarse screen can turn the machine into a blender to make delicious smoothies, or juice your vegetables and keep all the pulp in to make a soup base or cooking sauce. The Omega homogenising attachment is simple to attach to your VRT and turns your juicer into a masher which is ideal for mashing frozen fruits to make sorbet, baby food, or mashing boiled vegetables.

Slow Juicing

A unique low-speed technology system makes sure the maximum amount of juice can be extracted from produce. This technology allows the juice to be collected easily and keep all of its vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The additional benefit of using a slow speed is that little or no foaming occurs, unlike a more conventional dual gear juicer.

The Omega VRT 452 uses a two-stage juicing system to get a far greater juice yield. In the first step of the process, the produce is crushed, extracting a lot of juice. But before the pulp is ejected automatically, it is comprehensively pressed; this makes sure that every last drop is collected and that the pulp leaves the machine almost dry.

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Once you’ve finished juicing, simply pour a glass of water in and run it through the machine to complete the self-cleaning process. This allows rapid cleaning between juices as the juice flap gives you the ability to retain water for cleaning inside the juicing container, enabling the silicone blades to carry out the majority of work before you take the juicer apart.

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70 RPM
220 - 240 V
15 Years
150 W
25.0 cm
40.0 cm
17.0 cm
5.2 KG

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